Thuringian Innovation Center for Quantum Optics and Sensors 

The Innovation Center for Quantum Optics and Sensors has the goal to strengthen the innovative power of the Thuringian economy in the field of quantum optics in combination with innovative sensor technologies by aligning the research activities at the Thuringian universities and research institutes with industries’ long term strategies. To this end, InQuoSens concentrates excellent and internationally visible research activities in the key technologies of quantum optics and sensor technologies particularly at the Abbe Center of Photonics (ACP) of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, the Institute of Micro- and Nanotechnologies (IMN MacroNano®) of the Ilmenau University of Technology and the Fraunhofer Institute of Applied Optics and Precision Engineering (IOF) and other Thuringian industrial and academic partners.

Based on the strategic funding of InQuoSens by the Thuringian State Government as one of currently six Thuringian Innovation Centers, these research activities are supported by strategic investment measures and a joint strategy process. In addition, InQuoSens coordinates the scientific developments with the innovation needs of the Thuringian manufacturing industry. These activities create an internationally independent center of scientific excellence with a critical mass of competencies.

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